Live from the stage/my workspace

Helen Stead
Berlin, Germany

Selected Clients:

Urbanara, Digital Design Manager

Urbanara, Digital Designer
Koch & Co., Lead Designer
Snapchat, Geofilter Designer

Transgression, Brand & Web Designer
Jackman Reinvents, Layout Designer
Cosmopolitan, Contributing Layout Designer
EF Education, Desktop Publisher
Regina Magazine, Lead Layout Designer
A La ModΓ©, Brand & Web Designer

HEC Paris, Lead Layout Designer
Fleur de Press, Editorial Designer
20to30.com, Logo & Corporate Identity Designer

Areas of Interest:

  • Brand / Corporate Identity
  • User Behaviour
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • CRO
  • Print & Editorial Design
  • E-commerce 

Client Testimonials

"Helen is the best freelancer I have ever worked with in the last 5 year period. She was relentless in making sure my project worked [...] and brought creativity, caring, skilled advice and passion to my project. You can't ask for anything more! All I can do really is recommend her at the highest level." Ralph Kerle

"Helen is simply outstanding. The quality of her work is superb and her communication skills throughout the project were exceptional. I highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for an incredibly talented contractor." - James Fry

"Helen is an excellent freelancer. She kept in touch regularly with me throughout, and finished the project early. I trusted her to make various creative decisions and she did a great job! Highly recommended." - Howard Stern

Skills / Software:

  • Adobe CC
  • Sketch
  • Prototyping Tools (Invision, Marvel, Flint.io, Balsamiq)
  • HTML (Basic)
  • CSS (Basic)
  • Squarespace
  • Wordpress 
  • CRO Tools (VWO, Hotjar, Crazy Egg, G Analytics)