Role: Product Designer
Responsibilities: User Experience & User Interface Design.

Craft.co is an online search engine that maps the global economy by organising data from thousands of sources to provide comprehensive, up-to-date sector and company profiles, ranging from early-stage to the largest companies in the world.


I was hired to redesign the core pages of the Craft.co website. The client wanted to improve user experience with new functionalities on the reports pages and company directory.

Directory-page Copy 3.jpg

I incorporated a clear search feature at the top of the navigation to make it easy for users to track companies they were interested in. I also improved the directory filters and sort feature.

Report Page Copy 3.jpg

The next challenge was to improve the reports pages, where I redesigned the visual identity of the graphs, and introduced 'company cards', where key information was included next to each companies logo. This made it easier for the user to recognise and track different companies.