Koch & Co.

Koch & Co.

Role: Lead Designer
Responsibilities: UX/UI design, Brand & Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Research & Product Development and Art Direction.

Koch & Co. is a men's luxury e-commerce brand founded in 2015. As the lead designer, it was my responsibility to design the corporate identity, style guides, the web & user experience, content strategy as well as packaging design, product development and overall art direction. 



User Experience

Our company aim is to eliminate the paradox of consumer choice, and so we wanted to make the web and mobile experience as simple and as engaging as possible, while effectively communicating our brand story.

Our goal was to easily navigate the customer through the collection page, through to more detailed product pages, which would eventually guide them to the check out. Along the way, the user would be provided with detailed information about the quality of the product, as well as testimonials from respected media outlets and inspirational content through the journal, lookbook and craftsmanship pages.


The goal is to guide the user easily from the collection page, though to the detailed product page where they can easily make the purchase.

Block coloured backgrounds and oversized product images where used to highlight our 'stripped back' approach and bring attention to our product details.

User personas allow me to identify our key consumers and target our branding and user experience towards this target group.

Inspirational content pages such as the seasonal lookbook, journal and craftsmanship page helped connect with the user and tell our brand story.

Parallax scrolling was implemented on inspirational pages to help engage the consumer with large images, quotes and detailed product information.

Print Materials

We kept our corporate identity consistent, by applying the same approach to all of our printed assets. Our seasonal lookbook pages make use of two full pages to display just one shoe and highlight it's key features. As most lookbooks usually include a lot of products on one page, this was an unconventional choice, and helped position ourselves as a luxury brand, that prides itself on our limited and curated collection.

Our brand colours are dark navy blue which is masculine and trustworthy, while the hint of gold adds a nod to our Indian heritage. Our use of white space helps give a feeling of breathability.

Packaging Design

Our signature pull draw box was designed to give a luxurious feeling with a matt navy blue finish and embossed gold foil logo. The pull drawer allows for ease of access and storage. All of our customers also receive silk shoe bags and a glass bottle of shoe balm for protection of their shoes.


Photography & Art Direction

A limited start up capital meant we had to be resourceful with how we photographed our products. As we couldn't afford costly lifestyle shootings, I made use of simple and elegant fixes in photoshop that helped bring the product to life, while remaining affordable.

We also collaborated with a number of high profile fashion bloggers that we featured in our Koch & Collaborations project. 

Visit koch-co.com to view the full project.