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Urbanara GmbH

Digital Design Manager

Marketing Design
Art Direction
Newsletter Design
UX/UI Design

Apr 2016 - March 2018

Urbanara GmbH


Urbanara is an e-commerce platform located in Berlin that offers homewares made from natural materials at affordable prices.


Newsletters designed


A/B tests conducted


Campaigns designed


Website redesign


As Digital Design Manager at Urbanara, I was responsible for designing and providing art direction for sales and seasonal campaigns, newsletters and optimising conversion rate across all touch points (email, website, print and advertising materials)

Made up of a team of 80, I worked most closely with CRM teams, site management, engineers and product managers.

key projects & results

  • Newsletter Design & Optimisation

    • Designing 2x newsletters a week and running over 100+ A/B test variants to continuously improve our click through rate

    • Developing a series of reusable templates and components to increase team velocity

    • Migrating our design to a new CRM tool (Nosto)

  • Brand Campaign Design & Art Direction

    • Designing over 60+ unique campaigns for seasonal events and brand related offers

    • Trend research and reporting to gather insights into what to focus on each quarter

    • Working with content teams and product teams to ensure that the messaging was consistent across all touch points and highlighting the correct products

  • UX Design & Conversion Rate Optimisation

    • Designing landing pages and reusable components for use across the website

    • Optimising landing pages to be high performing through the use of heat maps, A/B tests and Google Analytics

    • Designing a new check out experience that is optimised for conversion


1 - Newsletter design & optimisation


When I first joined URBANARA, we were custom designing every newsletter, this took a huge amount of design hours and we found that the best performing newsletters always followed similar templates. I developed a set of reusable components and layouts for various types of campaigns:

Colour Stories Copy.jpg

Newsletter templates & the customer lifecycle

We ran different newsletter cycles depending on where the customer was in the URBANARA life cycle. Whether they were a loyal customer, a new customer etc. I designed different templates that where optimised for different user journeys through A/B testing. Some examples of the categories:

Sales Campaigns
KPIs: Click through rate / Conversion Rate
Focus on driving people to sales campaign pages and adding time based urgencies

Brand Campaigns
KPIs: Increased brand loyalty and customer retention
Less sales-y approach, focus is on conveying company mission, supplier spotlights and behind the scenes

Seasonal & Collection Launches
KPIs: % CTR / Conversion rate on those particular SKUs
Focus on promoting a specific collection or product category: either a new product, or a collection that needs an extra push.

Onboarding Cycles
KPIs: DOI Completion / Initial purchase made with specific discount code
Focus on onboarding new customers to our newsletter cycles and inviting them to spend with a welcome voucher.

Misc: Retail Spotlight / Invitations
Adhoc newsletters for promoting the retail outlet, partner collaborations etc.


Example Templates:
Trend Reports & Colour Stories

  • Product Shot Only Email

  • Lifestyle Only Email

  • Product / Lifestyle Mix

  • Inspirational


Example Templates:
Seasonal Campaigns

  • Sale Announcement Email

  • Sales Reminder (Product Focus)

  • Final Hours / Sales Extensions

  • Inspirational (Lifestyle Focus)

Seasonal Campaigns.jpg

Example Templates:
Product/Collection Launches

  • Product Shot Heavy

  • Product & Lifestyle Mix

Product Launches - FOCUS.jpg

2 - Art Direction & Campaign Planning

As an e-commerce company, we were predominantly focused on seasonal trends and events that would resonate with our users. Part of my job was to conduct trend research and present concepts for sales and other promotional assets that would help encourage sales.

I regularly put together mood boards, campaign concepts in collaboration with the content team and design sets of consistent assets ranging from newsletter cycles, landing pages, print materials and digital advertising banners.

2A - Ideation Workshops

Twice a week, the content team, CRM team and designers would sit together and plan the upcoming sales cycles and marketing stories. We would run highly collaborative ideation sessions where all members of the team could contribute ideas and brainstorm together, we made use of whiteboards, sketches and shared research to come up with unique and engaging campaigns.

Concept Board - Nippon Trend Research

Concept Board - Nippon Trend Research

A/B Testing a Midsummer Sale Concept:  The two different newsletter designs were sent to 50% of traffic each, the winning concept was on the left (by 8% CTR). We sent the remaining newsletter cycles using the winning concept.

A/B Testing a Midsummer Sale Concept:
The two different newsletter designs were sent to 50% of traffic each, the winning concept was on the left (by 8% CTR). We sent the remaining newsletter cycles using the winning concept.


2b - art direction & CRITIQUE sessions

After initial ideation workshops, I would work with our photography team to assist with photo shooting and styling for high conversion campaigns i.e, Black Friday, Christmas etc.
Since the photographs would be used across multiple assets and channels and created into videos and GIFs, I would help set the direction and plan the materials in advance.

This planning involved a lot of sketching, wireframing and critique sessions with core stakeholders to ensure the messaging was aligned across teams and the design team could make the best use out of the materials that were being provided to us.

Examples of custom photo shoots & animated newsletters

Birthday Campaign - Sales Announcement Newsletter - Q2 2017

Birthday Campaign - Sales Announcement Newsletter - Q2 2017

Black Friday Campaign - Final Hours Email - Q4 2017

Black Friday Campaign - Final Hours Email - Q4 2017

A collection of assets for a cashmere collection launch and sales campaign.

A collection of assets for a cashmere collection launch and sales campaign.


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