Role: Co-founder / Product Design
Responsibilities: User Experience & User Interface Design, Brand Identity.

Wandertravel is a personal travel app for discovering and tracking local micro adventures. Wandertravel aims to change the way we experience our world, and adds gamification to traditional travel experiences. 

In progress / MVP


The initial challenge when creating this app, was to first educate the user about what a microadventure is, and what they can gain from using the app. I integrated imagery into the home screen to inspire the user, and help them understand it's use. 


The app also serves as a social platform for people to share and document their microadventures. All users have the option to create a personal profile, micro blog posts, upload images and map data. 

Start by selecting your location, activity preference and distance you're willing to travel. Wandertravel will give you random coordinates to a new place and once you've arrived, you can check in, upload photos and record your experiences.